Who is Lord Jason Scott ?

So who is Lord Jason Scott ?

His ( manorial ) Lordship is due to his title deed in Chelmswood Nottinghamshire that was a gift from his wife Lady Grafton back in 2008.

Who is Lord Jason Scott ?

Who is Lord Jason Scott ?

 Scott is an international events consultant and A-list specialist, currently based at the spectacularly revamped venue, The Penthouse, at number 1 Leicester Square. Jason, whose first ever contact with celebrity involved guarding Kylie Minogue’s petite hot-pants, was named number 8 of the top 40 people in the events industry by Prestige Events Magazine; and received acclaim as The Event’s top blogger, in June 2009, for his hilariously witty and wonderfully wise observations on the industry itself and the most up to date current affairs. Respected worldwide for his consummate professionalism and adored for his dashing charm by just about everyone who meets him, he is one of the most in-demand consultants in London and is currently undergoing an ambitious global expansion.

Jason’s adventure in London events started with the Novus Group in 2006, following a career as a radio DJ and writer in his native South Africa. Based in the group’s flagship, Ruby Blue, Jason soon earned a name in the fierce Leicester Square market, returning the category of ‘top hub’ to the ailing club, raising celebrity attendance by more than a third and securing the parties of top film premieres, including Sex and the City and Mamma Mia.

Terminally addicted to the Leicester Square vibe, he founded his own events consultancy company, Corporate Events Management, and based himself at The Penthouse (formerly known as Vertigo) at the end of 2008. A portfolio of work with top brands (including Red Nose Day, Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony and Virgin, to name but a few) and a repertoire of celebrities and superstars too long to list, coupled with one of the highest rates of returning clients in the London scene, has granted Jason a place in the speed dial of the great and the good. Not to mention the wanton and the wicked.

An incorrigible romantic, Jason’s mid-term ambition is to throw the biggest blind date party ever on St. Valentine’s Day. His longer-term goal, however, is to lead a peaceful life by the beach and retire in Thailand. Preferably with Salma Hayek.

Follow Jason’s adventures on his blog and Tweets. Warning: this content is addictive and will make you laugh uncontrollably!




~ by Jason Allan Scott on July 9, 2010.

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