Winner of most Premier parties in Europe is….


I see our name !


The Awards :The COOL Venues Awards were developed by Prestige Events magazine to recognise an unsung and largely influential element that emerges in the process of planning a corporate event Over the years, Prestige Events magazine has tried to identify for its readers, venues which will make the difference. Since our launch in 2003, it has become evident that there is a developing trend for corporate event organisers to seek newer and off-the-trodden-path venues. Prestige Events magazine, characterised by its unique design that sets itself apart from the competition, has set its editorial compass on what is COOL. The barometer should not be biased towards all that is ‘new’ in our opinion. There is a place for the classic / heritage venue. They often possess a character, charisma, and class that many ‘newer’ builds cannot yet match.   So what is COOL? A COOL venue should have: Charisma, Originality, Style, Innovation, Sex Appeal, Authenticity, and Uniqueness.   COOL is a very personal opinion. Therefore, a panel of judges was selected to form a council.  Each understood the intrinsic factors, elements and characteristics that deem a venue to be COOL.

The council represents a diverse collective; writers, industry figureheads, and event organisers / specialists.

They have applied the strict guideline that each nominee should not be selected as a result of it’s technical capabilities, since many of these facets (lighting, AV, etc) can be imported.

The Judges Council was created to collectively arrive at what are the COOL Venues that we have born witness to during the past 12 months. The panel consists of luminaries such as Zanine Adams of Visit London, Will Broome – President elect of the International Special Events Society UK Chapter and MD of Londonlaunch, Julian Saipe of leading caterers Zafferano, Kate Ingles of event management specialists Beyond, Simon Thompson MD of industry website Conferences-UK, and Kanya King MBE – creator of the highly glam MOBO awards, as well as Prestige Events editorial team.

The list of nominees and winners is very interesting and varied, ignoring barriers of fame, size, and wealth. On that note let me save you wandering…I WON !!!!

Still celebrating.

Lord Jason Scott Winner of Most Premier Parties in EuropeImage


~ by Jason Allan Scott on March 14, 2012.

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