Prometheus Premier with Lord Jason Scott AND Review –

Can you Imagine my excitement when I was told that I had the privilege to be invited to the World Premier of Prometheus ? I was in SPACE !!! – PUN INTENDED_ACCEPTED_AND AWAITING TO BE RESPECTED ?

‘Big things have small beginnings,” says Michael Fassbender’s Peter O’Toole-mimicking android at one point in Prometheus. And mine started with 2 tickets to the film :

Invite to Prometheus Premier

Invite to Prometheus Premier

As this is more a review of the film then a ” what was it like on the BLUE ( a nod to Avatar perhaps) carpet, here is some snaps of the STARS ( in this case of the film variety not celestial) on the carpet in my home of Leicester Square, London.




The Fans that came from a galaxy FAR FAR AWAY ….. 


The Lead, played by the brilliant Noomi Rapace as the Girl who fights the Dragon Sans Tattoo. 


My future bride and dominatrix in a wetsuit corporate in the film, played by the stern by Charlize Theron. Lucky for me we once again met on a carpet at a Premier and I think one more time and I will put a ring on that.


The two female leads ….below Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace


The man with the plan ( and like we all know behind every great man is his woman) and partner, Ridley Scott discussing the film.


Shockingly Ridley was not asked how Alien went from being a relatively low-budget B-movie with A-movie credentials to being the source of a world-conquering, multi-platform franchise that spawned some brilliant, some ok, and some OMG AWFUL sequels; two abysmal, mythology wrecking tie-in movies (Alien vs Predator and its equally bad follow-up); countless comic books and video games, a few tattoos and now, in Prometheus, one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters to see while avoiding the summer showers.

Michael Fassbender, signing autographs


After a 30-year wait for Ridley Scott to dive once more into the sci-fi blockbuster bucket where he first found fame, I was a little surprised that I waited another 45min for the real action to begin.

It begins with breathtaking stereoscopic shots swooping across a gorgeous landscape. Black mountains wreathed in volcanic steam, glassy lakes and, at the top of a crashing waterfall and a tiny man. Only he’s not tiny and he’s not a man. This is my favourite scene to be honest as it features an extra-terrestrial Albino Gay Pin Up from Space, this tower of muscle flexes and then dies, as should all men with better bodies then me, but not before he muddies the water so to speak.

I will not spoil this scene as I believe it to be one of the best.

Yes, after a rudimentary few minutes we are transported around some Scottish caves whose carvings gave us “an invitation to go find them”, and we’re off in the spaceship, and it feels like we, and Sir Ridley, have never really been away.

It is fantastic to once again see those biomechanical HR Giger designs on such a huge scale, like seeing a Damien Hirst after a hiatus with more skulls filled with diamonds hidden in mud, particularly as they dwarf the characters while they explore the cavernous sets searching for the evolved species they believe created humanity.

To borrow a phrase this is where, Scott’s decision to explain the origins of the so-called “Space Jockey”, whose giant fossilised form John Hurt and co stumbled upon in the 1979 movie, provides the film with its main narrative thrust, but the film’s real selling point is Scott’s ability to recapture some of the nerve-shredding fear that defined Alien without simply replicating that film’s signature shocks. The iconic “facehugger” and “chestburster” scenes, are there for the true fan but done in a manner that is original. Instead Scott finds new ways to ratchet up the tension, with the bloody and inventive alien birthing scene one character goes through being particularly gnarly and exhausting to watch – but in a good way and your date will be hanging on your arm…like one does from a space jockey later in the film…watch it to see what I mean.

Despite the film making you feel as if you’ve been put through the wringer, though, for all its big ideas it’s not quite as revelatory as one might have hoped, with an ending that refuses to tie the film up with the original in a fundamentally important way, leaving the door open for a sequel. That might prevent it from being an instant classic, but for its duration, Prometheus is good family fun. Yes, Family fun…so sadly not like the original that had some more mature scenes and I must be honest for this I give it 3 champagne flutes out of a bottle !

For a more detailed synopsis including performances keep reading, but be aware of spoilers..I cannot control myself. –

G-man and determined scientist Dr Elizabeth Shaw ( Noomi Rapace ) is determined to discover and, if possible, encounter God, her maker..her engineer. With her adorable lover/man friend and of course this is a cue for her crew, to shoot out into the unknown void of space thanks to the wealthy benefactor, played for a blink and you will miss him, Guy Pearce, to spread out and leave themselves at the mercy of their enigmatic hosts. This film is, comical, grotesque and fun like most of my first dates. The special effects and visuals are what you’d expect from an unbelievably large number of digital artists mentioned in the credits who, with their ability to repulse and awe in equal measure, must be doing their job.

SO what am I saying here, “Prometheus is not for the squeamish!”. 

Of course, as with all these sci-fi blockbusters, all of this would be moot if we didn’t care about the characters. Although I did not, to be honest, as they never really evolved for me.

Idris Elba plays an American ( why ?? someone tell me WHY?) from his Stringer Bell days, striking a light touch as the ship’s captain and providing what relief there is to be found in a one dimensional performance.

My future bride from the homeland, Charlize Theron takes the underplaying brief a tad too far. This is an Oscar-winning actress, I had to remind myself, as she struts and pouts, providing seemingly robotic eye-candy in what could have been, for her, an episode of something on the SPICE Channel. 

Conversely, as an actual robot, a reboot of the famous Alien Robot of the sequels to come,  played by a very thin Michael Fassbender is one of the best performances in the film. SHAME on all the other actors for this.

He is as most male robots in the future seem to be depicted, been made to pleasure old wealthy men ( think Jude Law in AI -Thank you Caroline Kent for that). He has the side sweep, the Aryan looks and his customary half-smile, half-sneer, but it lends itself perfectly to the seemingly eager-to-please David ( nudge nudge wink wink ), and the film seemed at its most complete whenever he walks, pigeon-toed, into frame.

Think C3PO with an almighty agenda and a cuter rear.

At the centre of almost all of the action is, Noomi Rapace who stamps her mark as a surprisingly feminine action-heroine – no shaved head but a very buff torso here. She’s not trying to out-Ripley any of Scott’s predecessors and is the more interesting for it, with her faith and curiosity in these strange creatures, even when the personal cost is phenomenal, she does set herself apart. But, who knows, she might turn up, freshly shaved and buffed, waxed and polished or tattooed and homeless looking if, as is tantalisingly hinted, there’s some sort of prequel-sequel.

Prometheus will be released in cinemas 1 June in 3D nationwide.

Other then that I can tell you that a very hairy Tom Hardy partied with the A list cast and mates from Prometheus at the after party and nobody commented that both him and Michael Fassbender had ginger beards. Could there be a film in the works ?


~ by Jason Allan Scott on June 1, 2012.

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