Lord Jason Scott gives you the chance to attend the London premier of The Dark Knight Rises European Premier

Director Christopher Nolan, producers Emma Thomas and Charles Roven, and co-writer Jonathan Nolan greeted the crowds, as did pretty much every major star of the movie, including Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

PRINCE Harry gave Batman the royal seal of approval when he turned up at the European premier of The Dark Knight Rises in London.


Of course, your favourite Royal party planner received 2 tickets for the Premier, as a thank you for doing the pre-premier party 4 years ago for the last instalment of the Dark Knight.

Dark Knight UK Premier Lord Jason Scott with his tickets

Dark Knight UK Premier Lord Jason Scott with his tickets -Smile comes separately













Tom Hardy was typically modest when it came to talking about his prep for playing Bane: “I went to the gym and I put some weight on, and I put a mask on and I got on stage and I did an accent – that was it.”

And on joining an established bunch of actors for the threequel, he added: “They’re all incredible actors and of course Nolan’s an incredible director, so it’s a dream come true.”

Dark Knight UK Premiere Tom Hardy











Co-writer (and brother of Christopher) Jonathan Nolan talked to us about wrapping up the franchise: “Several times I’ve read brilliant comic-book writers and artists try to imagine, ‘How does this end?’ And I’ve read all of those, and Chris had read all of those.

“But Chris was really proceeding from his place of living with this character for years, and trying to imagine, ‘What is the fitting ending for our take on this character?’ I think he always had a sense of where he wanted to go.

“I’m very satisfied with the ending and I hope the audience are too. I hope they get a good time – that’s what we always aim to provide – as well as our vision of an ending of this story.”

And he’s not rattled by the thought of a Batman reboot in a few years time. “When you come to work on Batman, you know you’re working on a character that’s been written in various media for 70 years, so you know you’re not the last word on it. And that’s actually kind of a relief in a sense.

“And hopefully someone really talented is going to come along in a few years and pick it up, and I can wait to see what they’ll do with it.”


One of many Tumbler’s revved along the carpet, circling the most impressive fixture of the night: the giant, shattered bat-mask that sat in the middle of Leicester Square.


And ultra-composer Hans Zimmer listed the challenges he faced scoring the movie: “A new villain… Not getting sad that it was our last one… Figuring out how not to procrastinate forever… Because it was our last one, I didn’t want it to end.

“And in one way or another Chris and I have been working together now for eight years so, it was all a bit sad. It just came from conversations with Chris really so I just had a fairly insane idea and went for it. And he liked it!”


The Welsh actor flew straight in from Paris to walk the red carpet at London’s Leicester Square before heading to the airport to fly back to France after the screening.

Bale chose not to join co-stars Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy and Morgan Freeman for the private dinner after the premiere.

The rest of the Dark Knight Rises cast stayed overnight in London.


Anne Hathaway lived up to her reputation as the big screen’s golden girl, wearing a gold floor-length Gucci gown.

The 29-year-old, plays Selina Kyle and alter-ego Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s third and final instalment of the movie franchise.


A newcomer to the Batman films, she said she had endured a gruelling regime for the role. ‘I’m not a natural bad-ass so it took a lot of work to get there,’ she admitted.

I also saw, Guy Ritchie and his lovely lady at the Premier but given the look he seemed to give I thought better give him some distance as everyone was asking about , “ Is it another baby bump? “ As she you only gave birth last September.


Then from the director of Sherlock Holmes, I saw the TV Sherlock…now that was SheerLuck..right, holmes ?
dark knght uk premiere Shelock Holmes

I also spotted and got a smile from the Scarecrow, Cillian Murphy and another Muse of the director:


As for the new bad guy, well he did not look so bad at all, here he is with his Fiancée’ and a pen. I would trust him with my pen but NOT my fiancée’.

Dark Knight UK Premiere Tom Hardy

Dark Knight UK Premiere Tom Hardy













Dark Knight UK Premiere Tom Hardy

Dark Knight UK Premiere Tom Hardy














Now join me on the red carpet on a POV tour of what it was like.


~ by Jason Allan Scott on July 19, 2012.

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