Nomad and a completely mad Lord of events, a match made in heaven


So everyone has been asking me, who are these Nomad characters you have sold your soul to, where are they from, what is there mastery and how do you find yourself so in awe of them. So allow me to try and share my findings.

The team at Nomad Food & Design deserve the title of master design caterers.  This contemporary provider of food and design solutions offers the wedding and events industry a truly unique experience.

Martin Philippe created Nomad Food & Design in 1999 in Paris after 18 years experience in hospitality management.  Lucky for us, the London subsidiary branch followed in 2005.

Nomad’s philosophy and approach to catering and design can only be described as revolutionary.  The combination of chemistry and artistry allows for a vibrant and interactive experience at any event.

For each event the design team in London work closely with the head chef in Paris to come up with a theme and design, which will suit a particular event.  Food and scenery are designed in harmony with the client’s functional requirements whilst fresh seasonal produce is used in imaginative combinations to bring out and enhance flavour intensity.

The Nomad design team are at the forefront of contemporary food design and their uniqueness lies in their ability to echo a client company’s values and effectively communicate that brand, message or identity with stunning cutting edge food design.

The coordinated effort with France also ensures that food will always taste exactly the same here as in Paris, when a similar dish is served.  The Nomad menu designers work with artists to create the look and theme for each event.  In the case of clients, such as Dior or Valentino, their own artists will work closely with the Nomad design team to create the overall look and concept for the event and ensure it is reflected across the board, in décor, flowers, catering and lighting.  The food becomes an integral part of the overall message the client wishes to portray and is never seen as a stand-alone effort.

Nomad draws inspiration from fashion and interior magazines and shows.  They make sure they keep up with new styles and themes for a particular season as well as the latest and hottest looks.

I am most impressed by the combination of chemistry and design.  The results achieved are truly amazing and you feel as if the food comes alive before your very eyes.  In particular I am referring to molecular cooking and the liquid nitrogen experience. This is where a particular creation is immersed in front of the guests, into a “boiling frozen” bath.  It is plunged into the frosted smoke at -180c then put aside to ‘rest’ before guests help themselves to an incomparable little pleasure for the eyes and taste buds.

For anyone remembering high school chemistry you will also recognise the pipettes featured in 2 of the photographs.  In one they have been filled with a delicious green herb mixture, which you squirt into your mouth whilst biting into the mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on the front of the pipette.

The photographs below shows a ‘before’ and ‘after’ image of an exploding cake. Yes! An exploding cake!! This creation was required at a client product launch where a little detonator was inserted into the cake, which then exploded once activated.

Nomad Food & Design has a long and impressive client list which include big names such as Dior, Givenchy, Dolce and Gabbana and Valentino.  It is clear to see why they have become the preferred supplier for product launches, award ceremonies and formal dinners both here and in France.  They are one of the few select caterers to work in the Arc de Triomphe and regularly cater for functions in the Centre Pompidou, Musee d’ Orsay as well as Kensington Palace here in London and the V&A Museum, Design Museum and Battersea Power Station, to name but a few.

I certainly would race in my high heels to attend any function where the Nomad Food & Design team are involved.  It will be nothing short of unique and bespoke with a huge WOW factor.

For me, its off to the weekend and the gym as I try and burn off the best thing inside me since I was a child and swallowed my mothers engagement ring.

Lord Jason Scott…………OUT!



~ by Jason Allan Scott on July 20, 2012.

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