Food and Fashion.

last night I was fortunate enough to go to The Industry event Q and A with Caroline Issa at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™.  To highlight the words of The Industry themselves,” A killer combination of beauty and brains has lead Caroline Issa to become one of the most photographed women in fashion business. A regular on the front row, a financial consultant and an astute entrepreneur,Caroline Issa sits at the helm of fashion publishing. With one of the world’s most famous fashion consultants,Yasmin Sewell, acting as interviewer, The Industry‘s  ‘Network and Expert’ meeting was stunning and informative and catered by the always brilliant ( I may be biased) Nomad Food and design.

While Yasmine quizzed the queen of content creation to investigate the art of communication in editorial’s rapidly changing landscape I looked at the food and wondered about Fashion and food.

Caroline Issa and Lord Jason Scott Most Stylish in Fashion and food

When I think Food and Fashion…my crazy mind brings up this image :

Fashion inspired food

Fashion inspired food

Fashion inspired food

But let me get to the point… more…..

Fashion inspired food

Is it not beautiful to know that a designer was inspired by those romantic women who love the works of the ’40s and drink tea in elegant cafes, and it’s also interesting to read that another designer are inspired by a famous surrealist painter to give an intellectual allure to contemporary women.  Yes, we all know that fashion is “dream”, it’s a definition we have read for years, but what about food ?

Never has fashion been so foody and food so fashiony. From Marni‘s macaroons to Christian Louboutin‘s take on Champagne and Lola’s trend-themed cupcakes, see our pick of the best food, drink and fashion collaborations about.

Fashion is surely at its best when combined with food!

However I have also heard that Fashion and food don’t usually go together and some might hard to find a correlation between the two. Nonetheless, we’ve seen a trend in recent years where these two worlds meet at an intersection. If you have not yet seen this please make sure to check out : for the very best and of course the amazing Vogue UK for some more Haute cuisine options

But before I delve deeper into my thoughts on fashion and food I would love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to write me here or email me. And lets ask the question this month, Does Fashion food have to be small and dainty or can it be substantial ?  tweet me your answer and don’t forget to hashtag  #FoodyFriday

As for last night :

I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people and artists and it would be a crime to mention one without mentioning another but as you all know by now. I am a criminal and just have to mention meeting the dynamo, Courtney Blackman. And I think dynamo sums her up perfectly as dynamite comes in small packages and this woman seems to have a dynamo inside her just pushing out positive vibes and an aura that makes you want to speak to her, listen to her and be involved in something she is involved in. Courtney is of course also the driving force behind THE INDUSRY. She founded London’s Forward PR in 2004, sits on the Board of the Ethical Fashion Forum and is a firm fixture on fashion juries and industry events. She has been featured in numerous publications including Mayfair Times, LuxuryFinance, Drapers, VOGUE.COM UK and Business of Fashion, and was hailed a style icon in 2010 by ACCESS-FASHION. Courtney frequently speaks about fashion and social media and is a regular fashion commentator on NBC’s Today Show (New York). All I can say is if you love fashion you need to join Industry ( ) and follow @courtnyblackman

Thank you to to David Stringer @Nomadfooddesign as without him I would never have seen this incredible Q&A and met all these wonderful people.



~ by Jason Allan Scott on July 26, 2012.

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