How to beat the Winter Blues Part2- The Scent and Touch

This week, we are going to concentrate on a very important part of the party, the scent and touch.

As I said last time, other then opening and pouring Hawaiian tropic suntan lotion all over the space there are a few ways to create an aromatic atmosphere. You can buy tropical scents but you can also start with a few gardenias in the right spots- by the entrance, by the WC, by the cloakroom and feel free to add some floral perfume where the carnations are. You can also roast pistachios, simmering coconut broth, and sizzling chorizo. Lets also not forget about the bar, and creating pineapple and passion fruit juices will add more scent and “fire” to the event. Finally, guests can get a fresh and fruity pick me up just from standing near the bar, where pineapple and passion fruit juices would be flowing freely into the night.

Cocktails for smell and taste

Think cocktails for not only taste but also smell.

The Touch, Ice Ice Baby:

The surface of ice is so beautiful to behold, imagine the pristine gloss of newly frozen lake or the sex appeal of a few shapely ice cubes jostling in a glass tumbler. The touch of ice, however as we know is far from nice – as we all know so to wipe away the winter blues here is what you can do. Couple all the imagery of glassy ice surfaces without the freeze of subzero temperatures. Take, for example, the plastic “”ice cube” lights we can put into the small clear perspex boxes we talked about and showed in the previous instalment but you can also put “ice cube” lights into cocktail glasses to add a mod, almost sci-fi blue glow to the room and the drinks.

Ice Cube lights in cocktail or Martini glasses

Ice Cube lights in cocktail or Martini glasses

Guests can enjoy a warm smoothness from all around them, they can also sit on our clear chairs, while admiring themselves in the mirrors, and eat from the blue glass plates with shimmering silverware. Smooth surfaces like these can create an ice – palace feeling, but they can also be applied to most contemporary parties. I would also suggest clear boxes in the summer for holding sand, shells, and water to create miniature seascapes, and in the spring as pools for floating Orchids or Gerbera daises. Either way, I always notice guests running their hands along the clear and even surfaces.

Ice tables

Ice tables

Stay tuned for the next edition when we do THE TASTE with some amazing menu’s from the best in the industry. Thank you for reading this, hope this helps and remember …we in events are in the memory making business, lets make some great memories.


~ by Jason Allan Scott on February 12, 2013.

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