Why fundraising is important?

“Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.”

Natalie Babbitt

It seems obvious why fundraising is important: to raise necessary  funds for important causes. Yet, when you want to raise funds it can seem so complicated and challenging.

In our current climate as budgets are cut, purse strings are tightened giving can become less and less of a priority.  This, however,  is not proportional to the needs of those served by charitable contributions.  There are still a variety of needs all around us, and donation by fundraising will most likely be an aspect of our lives for generations to come. But raising funds for a cause has a lot more benefits than taking care of an obvious monetary need.  Working with charity fundraising partners  I often get asked why people would still give and what the benefits are – here is what I have learned.

Simple “lessons” learned from my career:-

It’s the Board of Directors, Stupid

If you want to make the culture of giving and a sense of service to others an integral part of your company – start at the top! If you encouraging board giving there will be inevitable trickledown effect.   If directors are well selected, highly motivated, then sharing will become habit forming.

The Right Way to Ask, the Right People to Ask by the Right People to Do the Asking


This point is simpler than it sounds!  The most cited reason for why donors do not give is that they were not asked. Or, they were not asked by someone who is setting an example (please see first simple lesson). Or, the case for giving is too complex rather than compelling.

So ask clearly. Ask often. Ask persuasively. State your case simply. Seek out the right donor who has a strong relationship to your prospect to ask with you. Remember, donors give to people that they admire and not just to causes and organizations that they respect.  If the cause becomes familiar to them – *how can they not help?

*This is rhetorical, don’t write to me with answers*

Practice, Practice


In fundraising, an ounce of experience is worth a pound of logic. Successful fundraisers become successful through practice.

Put this advice into practice, “In soliciting donors in writing, it is far better to be roughly right, brief, and early, than perfect, comprehensive, and late….The race often goes to the swift, not the fastidious.” Author unknown, in reference to Ecclesiastes 9:11

Early Money: Get Ahead of the Race


Everyone wants to back a winner.  Patrons don’t want to give more to a cause that appears to be failing.  So start now, right now.  Ensure that any early money raised is promoted, by shouting about early donors you send an attractive offer to those who can also give.  For your early supporters you will be giving them back something so rare in return – immediate gratification.  How often do you get that for taking a gamble?  Before you know it you are racing towards the finish line with a cheering crowd behind you.

Remember though that not every fundraiser will work well for you and your organization. So think carefully about what would work best with your members, supporters, and potential supporters, before starting a fundraiser.

I’d recommend you read through as many ideas as possible and use the idea/s that will best fit your cause!

On that note, here are the best fundraising ideas…( after much research).

My Countdown of the Best  Fundraising Ideas in reverse order:


  1. 6.       Crowd funding


For most groups and causes this would be the first recommended fundraising idea!

Getting people to donate to you through a donations page/website setup on a crowd funding site or through a supporter wall is one of the simplest and quickest ways of raising funds!

To succeed at this you will need a good strategy and clear end goal.  Projects with a discernible end point are best suited to this method.  You need to show your supporters what you will do with their donations.

The two crowd funding sites I recommend you look to set your Fundraising Page up on are Go Fund Me (International) and Kickstarter but there are many with specialist areas of support so get Googling.

  1. 5.       Apparel Fundraising


Most groups (especially school, churches, bands, etc.) should be using some form of Apparel Fundraising. It is so brilliantly simple that you’re probably shocked you haven’t thought of it before!

It’s a fundraiser that your members will be passionate and excited about and it will also raise more awareness for your cause.

You can sell the apparel from your thrift shop, at all your events, by word of mouth, and also online through an Online Apparel Store or pop up venue.

  1. 4.       Raffles


This classic fundraising method has endured for a reason – it works!

You should include a raffle in your events and consider holding a large non-event focused raffle once a year. Just always make sure the prizes are so great that the ticket fee seems insignificant by comparison.

Even if you can’t use persuasion to get donated prizes (and why wouldn’t you if you followed the simple rules above),  you can still use a simple 50/50 Raffle where you split the cash raised between the costs and the profit.

3.Discount Fundraiser Cards


This is such a fantastic fundraising idea!  People simply love discounts and if they can get discounts to shops that they like shopping in, they are immediately interested!

It’s what I call the Win-Win-Win Fundraiser. You win, the customer wins, and the shops also win!


  1. 2.       A Golf Day


A golf day is a great way to raise a large amount of funds and to also raise good awareness for your cause!

Be warned though that it does take a fair amount of work and organization to run it successfully!

  1. 1.       Specialist Auction Services


An Auction will fit perfectly into most fundraising events.  Which brings me to ..drum roll please…. “ Plug of the week”.  FunRaising Events Ltd a professional fundraising service, specializing in auctions for worthy causes on a no risk no fee basis.  


And while we are on fundraising events, and Fun-Raising events, below is an example of a race day when Fun and FUNDS are mixed in the best possible way.


Benefits of attending a specialist Event like the below include:-


  • great day out for your to promote your business to clients or reward and incentivise your staff.
  • opportunity for you to network B2B with great companies.
  • contributing to a great cause, so you will go to heaven, if Buddhist then not come back as a bug if atheist…there is free booze 😀


At the moment they are working on behalf of a great charity called ‘CLIC Sargent Supporting Children With Cancer’, for next week at Cheltenham Festival and have a Hospitality Box for the 4 day festival and all the proceeds will go to this worthwhile cause.


If you are interested to purchase a table for 10 for your company to attend we have an amazing FURTHER reduction in price;    £1,800   ( per table ) from the already reduced prices below. Meaning you save £1700 per table and get to support a great cause.










 The Festival is the embodiment of everything that is great about Cheltenham. It is four days of atmosphere, anticipation and action, played out on a beautiful sporting arena that has no equal.It features the best and the bravest horses and jockeys, nervous and excited trainers and owners, and a wide cast of human characters who come together every year determined to have the time of their lives.     For racing’s practitioners, Festival glory provides lifelong memories that will never fade and defines careers. Witness the sheer elation of winning connections as they return to the cheers of the crowd and you are seeing dreams fulfilled and years of planning and effort coming to fruition.

The Festival is one of those rare events that engages everyone who comes into contact with it, never failing to produce award-winning drama, enjoyment, camaraderie and sporting excellence in a cocktail for which no hangover cure is required. It truly is a life affirming four days.

Package includes

·         Table of 10 in a shared restaurant facility in the Glass Fronted Boxes

·         Racecourse viewing from the private balcony

·         Private facility with private viewing for 160 people

·         Dedicated hospitality team to ensure the smooth running of your day

·         Club admission tickets

·         Morning coffee and buscuits

·         Four course sit down lunch

·         Afternoon tea including cake

·         Car parking

·         Official souvinir race card

·         TV racing coverage throughout the day

·        tote betting facility


·         Complimentary bar of beers, house wine and soft drinks


Don’t delay as there are only 10 tables available








CALL FunRaising Events TODAY and speak to the lovely Lauren and get a seat or a table before they are all gone on 0203 642 3489.

And that brings us to the end of this weeks coloumn all about fundraising, BUT as always I would love to hear from you on what you really think about fundraising, what has worked for you and what you are doing to raise money and for who ?

To all those event professionals, remember we lucky few are in the memory making business…so make some great memories.



You can always talk about money for a good cause with a good drink.

You can always talk about money for a good cause with a good drink.


~ by Jason Allan Scott on March 6, 2013.

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