Do thoughts become things?

Do thoughts become things? 

Just the other day, I was speaking with my partner and saying that I find it really quite amazing to now find myself writing my business development plans and event schedules in my house, Engaged to the woman of my dreams, on track to fulfil my career goals and end all my  financial worries, living in London – all of which is a product of the vision I had constructed many years previously. It makes me think that I should have put an earlier date on its fulfilment and perhaps have had the courage to dream bigger dreams too. But that’s the thing with this stuff; I would say it is almost impossible to dream big and put very tight time-scales on those dreams until you have first proved to yourself that there is something real about the Law of Attraction.


There are exceptions to the rule, I know; they are the people who achieve astonishing success very early in their lives. They know what they want, they believe it is achievable and they have the courage to go for it. The rest of us fall into a number of distinct categories: some people simply don’t know what they want – really! Some people, deep down, just don’t believe they are worthy of receiving the stuff of their dreams so they end up sabotaging their own efforts. I know this because I have done this many, many times. Some people don’t believe in the Law of Attraction so they don’t make the effort to think about their desires. It may be worth thinking about which group you personally fall into because, then you can begin to move forward.


If You Don’t Know What You Want

First, don’t be too hard on yourself, because a lot of people fall into this group. But the way forward for you is to define what you want. Take yourself off somewhere quiet and inspirational and create a vision board.

A vision Board: 

The way I like to work is use pinterest and pin images that visualise my goal and the fulfilment of my dreams and hard work. It means I can put it up on the web and look at it whenever I choose. When I was younger, I used a chalk board and simply had a picture of a room with a bed and a window, a well dressed man in a suit, The red carpet of a film premier, and a party with the famous J Gatsby in the centre of the Picture and lastly a British Passport next to the word that said, ” FREEDOM” . 

It took me exactly 5 years to achieve that vision and I have. In more ways then I could have ever have explained,

But now, I am in a different phase of life and I am ready to create my third ideal picture. This is something I will be doing over the next 28 day period and I hope that you might think about giving it a try too. If you do decide to give it a bash, here are the main things to bear in mind:

  • Think Forward About 5 Years – a Very Good Timescale in my Experience
  • Remember it’s an Ideal Picture – So Allow Yourself to Dream
  • Forget About HOW – Ideally, You Won’t Know How
  • Don’t Rush It – Take Your Time, Think About What You Really Want
  • Think about What You Will Create – Express Desire in Terms of Service

You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving this exercise a go and, if you are serious about the things you draw/cut out or Pin, they will all come to pass.

Just put the picture somewhere you can regularly see it. I often suggest to people that they might put it on the fridge/ the inside of there work diary or online. As I mentioned, I upload mine online – that’s even more convenient for me. You just need it somewhere that you can regularly see it from time to time. Keep it in mind and your brain will solve all the problems associated with getting to your goal for you.

You just need to do the following:

  • Make Sure You Draw the Right Picture – One You Will Commit to Achieving
  • Keep it in Mind – Regularly Look at Your Ideal Picture
  • Take Action – When Each Step Comes, Make Sure You Take It

In five years time, you will be looking back at that picture and (especially if this is the first time you have ever done this) wondering why you didn’t dare to dream bigger. Actually, the first time you do it, it will be very hard for you to shake off the temptation to consider the ‘how’. Second time, after you have proved to yourself that this process actually works, you will be much more inclined to dream bigger dreams.

Finally, remember, in the words of Captain Sensible, “if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?”

So ditch your resolutions and create your vision.

Try not to think too much about how your are going to make things happen – that’s the biggest stumbling block at this stage – just get your vision worked out.

 If You Don’t Believe You are Worthy/Good Enough

It’s a self esteem issue – again, don’t worry; just work on changing your beliefs about yourself. Sure, it is easier said than done, but there are some very effective methods – try positive affirmations for example.

 If You Don’t Believe in The Law of Attraction

Then don’t criticise people who do; they are entitled to their opinions too – and you may end up being one of them in due course. In this case, still work on your vision. Set goals and get cracking on achieving them. Along the way, you will start to notice coincidences. Eventually, they will all add up and you will start to think how amazing your life has become when the stuff of your vision eventually becomes reality.

 If you follow the my advice above, you will eventually have a hard time concluding that there is no such thing as The Law of Attraction and, when that happens, you will be ready – ready to dream those really BIG dreams!


“This post first appeared on White Dove Books – Inspiration.”


This is all a part of ” Neuro Nutrition” but more of that as we go on.



~ by Jason Allan Scott on January 26, 2014.

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